Laser Engraving & Marking

Laser Engraving & Marking

Masutai provides quality customize Laser Engraving and Laser Marking services. The company also provides professional advice to clients on enhancing their products. Feel free to drop us an email if you have any question regarding laser engraving/marking services.

What information should you provide us with?

1. Attached an image/drawing files of your product for our reference.

2. State the material of the product.

3. Point out the area that you wish to laser engrave, mark or cut.

4. Specify the dimensions of theĀ working area that you wish to do laser engraving/marking/cutting on.
(Working area – Dimensions/size of the artwork, wording, images, logos etc.)

5. State the dimensions/size of the product/item.

6. State what would you like to laser engrave/mark/cut. (Example: artwork, wordings, images, logos etc.)

7. Other information that you wish to provide us with.

File formats accepted for Laser Engraving/Marking service are:
*Other file formats
(Please consult us for further advice.)

Metal (Stainless Steel, Aluminium etc.) | Anodized Aluminum | Laser Brass | Acrylic | Wood | Leather | Laserable Plastics | Ceramic | Paper | Marble | Mat Board | Gravoply | Glass

*Other Materials
(Please consult us for further advice.)

Materials we provide to our customers:
Metal (aluminium, stainless steel), Traffolyte, Acrylic etc.

Laser Engraving or Marking effect may be requested for product enhancement. Feel free to let us know your product’s intention/s for us to give you the best solution!

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