Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Masutai provides professional laser cutting services with customization available for our customers! Feel free to drop us an email if you have any question regarding laser cutting service.

File formats accepted for Laser Cutting service are:
*Other file formats
(Please consult us for further advice.)

Acrylic | Leather | Mat Board | Wood | Laserable Plastic | Gravoply

*Other Materials
(Please consult us for further advice.)

Materials we provide to our customers:
Traffolyte, Acrylic etc.

Note: For us to better identify the laser cut area. Vector line (cutting line) should be set to hairline thickness or indicate red as the colour code if there are no hairline settings.

1. Ensure construction lines are removed, all endpoints are connected and not overlapping with one another.

2. Working file(s) that need to be laser cut must be scaled 1:1 (in metric unit mm).

3. Please ensure that there are no title blocks, duplicate entities or zero length entities in you drawings/files.

4. All non-editable entities must be removed from the files provided (e.g. blocks, splines, dim styles, layers and line types).

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